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Why G2?

G2 proactively provides pioneering solutions to the most significant challenges affecting our Nation's ability to collect, target, store, analyze and defend digital information. We've been able to do so by hiring the most creative software developers, systems and security engineers, and systems architects we can find. Getting a job at G2 isn't easy, but it's more than worth it.

Our Mission

Solving the toughest national security challenges in the digital age.

Core Values

At G2, we believe that success begins with a person's character. The following characteristics are what we consider the individual building blocks that lead to greatness:

Drive Icon Drive - Internally motivated to be better tomorrow than we are today.
Teamwork Icon Teamwork - Able to work with others constructively towards a common goal.
Integrity Icon Integrity - Adhere to moral and ethical principles; have soundness of moral character; be honest. Do the right thing at the right time.
Curiosity Icon Curiosity - Capable of and wanting to gain knowledge and solve our customers’ most difficult challenges.
Creativity Icon Creativity - Able to generate original thoughts in support of innovative ideation.
Adaptability Icon Adaptability - Adjust to environmental changes (scope of work, timetables, funding, personnel, etc.) and still excel in the quest for solutions.
Humility Icon Humility - Maintain a modest view of our own importance while contributing to the overall success of the organization. The exact opposite of arrogant.

Our Culture

When you visit our office, you're likely to see people laughing in our lounge area, zipping around on scooters, and taking turns at whiteboards. That's the vibe at G2 all day, every day. Why? Because we firmly believe creativity, curiosity, and playfulness lead to innovative problem-solving. Our software, systems, and security engineers are also swing dancers, guitarists, and parents who bring their dreams and aspirations with them to work every day. The interactions between them are what make us great. The relationships at G2 are about more than just labor categories and billable hours.

We are successful because we connect with one another and to our customers. We value our team members' opinions and encourage candid, productive communication throughout our organization. We are a group of people linked by a common purpose – to defend and serve our nation using technology. We collaborate in the hopes of growing as individuals and making a difference collectively.

Our Impact

The future of our free society depends on our Nation’s ability to navigate the nexus between data exploitation and protection. More than ever, the information that shapes our world exists in the form of electronic data on interconnected and untrustworthy systems, creating a new arms race. The global competition for online supremacy is driven by new ideas on ways to better collect and/or protect electronic data, so we must innovate if our country is to remain a leader in the information age.

More than any other factors, creativity and perseverance will shape our Nation's ability to enjoy an information advantage. Here at G2, we are committed to proactively seeking out problems, instead of waiting for someone to say, “hey, this is broken.” We deliberately seek out the hardest challenges and leverage our ingenuity to make a real and lasting positive impact.

While addressing these challenges, we've experienced great successes and navigated many failures. Through it all, one thing remains clear: we simply can’t afford to give up. We must not forget the lessons of our past, when engaging the obstacles of tomorrow. Above all, we promise to remain faithful to our values as we scale to meet our customers' growing needs.