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Our Culture

Foosball When you visit our office, you're likely to see people laughing in our lounge area, zipping around on scooters, and taking turns at whiteboards. That's the vibe at G2 all day, every day. Why? Because we firmly believe creativity, curiosity, and playfulness lead to innovative problem solving. Our software, systems, and security engineers are also swing dancers, guitarists, and parents who bring their dreams and aspirations with them to work every day. The interactions between them are what make us great. The relationships at G2 are about more than just labor categories and billable hours.

Group on Whiteboard

We are successful because we connect with one another and with our customers. We value our team members' opinions and encourage candid, productive communication throughout our organization. We are a group of people linked by a common purpose – to defend and serve our nation using technology. We collaborate in the hopes of growing as individuals and making a difference collectively.