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Enterprise IdAM

It's no longer enough to just access data. Today's cyber environment requires fast, secure, and immediate access to data. To achieve this level of secure automation, G2 has partnered with ForgeRock to create Enhanced OpenAM, which has been developed with our customers in mind. 

G2 uses the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ as a basis to further develop and enhance Identity and Access Management (IdAM) for DoD/IC clients. We take common services (REST Framework, Common UI, Common Audit, Common Scripting, High Availability, Open Standards, and DevOps-Friendly Architecture) and add enhanced features for our DoD/IC client that has one of three use cases. These use cases are Distributed PKI Environment, Distributed Attribute Repository Support, and Disconnected Operations Support. Each has their own challenges and reasons for implementing. We have developed solutions for each of the use cases using Enhanced OpenAM.

Benefits of Using Enhanced OpenAM

ForgeRock’s OpenAM packaged with a “kick-start” console to ease configuration and facilitate reusability.

Simplified PKI
Authorization Transition Automated LCAP account linkage and certificate entrenchment with no administrative overhead.

Pluggable Attribute Repositories
Packaged with EIAS and DIAS communications, but flexible to accept many different types of attribute store connections.

Disconnected Operations
Memory or LDAP-based caching of authoritative attributes to support authorization policy in disconnected or limited bandwidth scenarios.