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Commercial Assessments

Risk Assessments

G2 has leveraged its knowledge performing cybersecurity assessments and supporting national security initiatives throughout the Federal Government. Through our strong cybersecurity expertise and experiences assisting NIST with initiatives such as the development and maintenance of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), G2 was selected by NIST as the prime contractor in the development of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). G2 remains actively engaged with NIST as the primary contractor assisting in the development of an ecosystem to sustain and nourish future development of the Cybersecurity Framework. Discover more at

Security Assessments

G2 works with organizations to define their cybersecurity threats and determine the likelihood of these threats to occur. Using this information, our G2 Cybersecurity subject matter experts (SMEs) will use risk assessment methodologies such as NIST SP 800-30 to measure the security risk of an organization and identify potential consequences of unmitigated risks. Through the prioritization of business objectives and consideration of acceptable risk, G2 will identify a security risk threshold customized to each organization. Discover more at

CMMI Cybermaturity Platform Assessments

G2 cybersecurity experts collaborated with the CMMI Institute to develop the industry standard for measuring cybersecurity maturity through the Cybermaturity Platform. This standard has now been leveraged to build cybersecurity resilience, readiness, and board confidence in the world’s first cybersecurity capability maturity management platform, the CMMI Cybermaturity Platform. G2 works with organizations to get the greatest value out of the platform by assessing enterprise security risk and organizational capabilities to identify appropriate maturity targets and operationalize a capabilities roadmap through a set of activities. Discover more at

Cybersecurity Implementation

Develop Security Strategies

G2’s Cybersecurity SMEs work with organizations to define an actionable approach for improving their cyber security posture. An organization’s risks, policies, and regulatory requirements are all considered when developing a cyber security strategy. Having a clear understanding of the needs of the organization will ensure that all strategies support the organization’s business goals.

G2 develops tailored action plans to address the organization’s risk and support the organization’s business goals. Through a strategic plan, organizations can prioritize actions to maximize resources and ensure valuable and measurable results.

Implement Security Solutions

Once an action plan has been developed, G2’s Cybersecurity SMEs work with organizations to implement strategies and deploy solutions to mitigate risk. Our SMEs leverage decades of experience to assist organizations in understanding their security risks and apply specific security techniques to improve the security posture of their organization.

G2 helps organizations continue to improve their systems by implementing procedures and tools that encourage continuous analysis of their security systems. G2 strives to help organizations build security into existing business practices whenever possible to increase efficiency and minimize the need for additional resources.