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HopHacks 2018

Next HopHacks event is COMING THIS FALL

JHU HopHacks is a bi-annual (February and September) hackathon hosted at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. For 36 hours, (no sleep, no kidding!) students work in teams of up to four wicked smart people, to bring a software or hardware idea to life. Last fall, more than 360 of the most creative and talented students from JHU, MIT, UMD, CMU, Rutgers, NYU, and many more participated.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for G2 is Exceptional. G2 is now visible in the Capture The Flag (CTF) community. In addition, college students from many colleges are looking to intern as well as, join the G2 Family upon graduation. We received a lot of valuable resumes at this event.

G2’s presence in the September 2018 JHU HopHacks event will be expanded.  At this event, new puzzles and workshops will be created, in addition to the configuration and execution of a new G2 Interactive demo.

Workshops are one of the largest value-adds for HopHacks participants, whether they are new to development or experienced developers who plan to integrate a workshop topic into a novel project. Every semester, mentors and sponsors lead workshops in topics such as machine learning, web development, and game development.

HopHacks Spring 2018

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