The G2 Mission Engineering Team mirrors our Intelligence Community (IC) and Special Forces customers’ mission organizations. We bring innovative ideas, highly technical personnel and rapid response results to the fight. We maintain a broad contract footprint with many access points to enable G2 to impact all elements of these Mission Organizations with our technology, people and investments. We support the customer at the forefront of cyber operations and work side by side to address emerging threats to national security.

We are problem solvers in the collection, processing, analysis and management of critical information to enable decision makers and to make a difference. We continuously develop and extend to our customers, our core competencies built around Software Developers, Systems Engineers, Security Engineers, Mission Support teams and Subject Matter Experts.

We invest in our people and their ideas through internally funded grant programs, advanced education, training and access to the latest toys. We thrive in a high-intensity, mission driven environment where triumphs have impacts and failures have consequences. We are never in the headlines but we do help shape them.


At G2 our Net Defense practice is comprise of our National Standards Group and the CND Engineering group. The National Standards Group focuses on providing subject matter expertise to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In this role, it has supported the development of the Cybersecurity Framework, the creation of USGCB content, the National Vulnerability Database and the authorship of numerous special publications and internal/interagency reports.

The CND Engineering group is built around people who are securing government information systems from threatening cyber attacks. Our key objective is to ensure that no unauthorized, illegitimate or malicious traffic, user or application is given access to a confidential IT environment/network.

With this objective in mind, we have established ourselves as a preferred source for IdAM, scalable cyber defense analytics and Security Automation.

Leveraging core capabilities in these areas, our team is protecting large, sophisticated enterprises that operate modern high-performance networks in both the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.