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Data Science

G2's data science services utilize the power of big data, statistics, mathematics, machine learning, and computing to bring meaning and structure to data. We enable analysts to identify patterns and connections in data that otherwise would go undetected. Using input from subject matter experts, our data scientists deliver structured data, statistics- and machine-learning-based analytics, visualizations, and graph capabilities, providing deep insights into every data set. Through our depth and breadth of expertise, G2 designs innovative solutions to your most difficult problems.



From principal component analysis to bioinformatics algorithms and graph theory, our experts use a multi-disciplinary toolset for the development of analytics that effectively protect government information systems. Our analytics find anomalous behavior to detect insider and outsider threats, as well as identify malfunctioning systems.


Using both supervised and unsupervised learning, we can find hidden patterns, trends, and structures in your data or train a model based on known input. The skilled professionals at G2 interpret your needs to perform feature extraction and engineering for machine learning models.


Through years of experience handling large data sets, we have developed efficient visualizations, models, and analytics that scale. Our information management approaches to store and query data allow flexible and focused problem solving.


From graph databases to statistical and probabilistic models and machine learning, G2 data scientists bring to light unknown relationships in your data and deliver models informing strategic decisions. By bringing our interdisciplinary backgrounds together, we generate new algorithms and build models that represent unique and highly accurate solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing our nation.