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Cyber Analytics

The G2 cyber analytics practice is built around subject matter experts who are securing government information systems from threatening cyber attacks. Our key objective is to ensure that no unauthorized, illegitimate, or malicious traffic, user, or application is given access to a confidential IT environment/network.

Our engineers develop tools to empower analysts with the ability to leverage powerful analytical tools to find threats, interrogate raw, contextual, and enriched data sets, and proactively query data for actionable intelligence. Our years of designing and developing these capabilities for our clients affords us the unique ability to build upon these and other successes to get you to the solution faster.

Cyber Analytics Services

Threat Awareness

Dive deep into your network and security posture to analyze and uncover security vulnerabilities. G2 security engineers develop analytics that compare threat intelligence from a variety of sources against an organization’s current security posture. This aids in the detection of suspicious cyber activity, allowing for true measure of risk from specific threats to your infrastructure.

Fight by Indicator

We develop tools that provide analysts with the ability to discuss, enrich, and countermeasure emerging cyber threats. The conversion of cyber threat data to actionable intelligence is critical for Defensive Cyber Operations. Analysts need an environment that assists in filtering the noise and drawing attention to the most threatening cyber activity. Our suite of cyber capabilities provides an analyst the ability to detect, diagnose, and mitigate attacks.

Analyst Discovery Tool

Power user analysts need the ability to react and adjust to new and emerging threats in real time. Our web-based notebook provides the ability to run custom scripts against and across threat, device, and archived data. On-the-fly analytics can be created to provide a mechanism to detect and defend against new and undocumented threats.

Cloud Analytics

By combining our in-depth technical knowledge and expertise with Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Elastic Search, and other cloud technologies, our experts create analytics to help you convert data into intelligence. Machine learning and predictive analytics can be used to secure and defend infrastructure, adding a layer of adaptive cyber defense to the more common reactive model (e.g., malware scanning, firewalls, and patch management).